Saturday, February 1, 2014

Alien - Director's Cut -2003

I have always been fan of Ridley Scott as a director and usually favor Sigourney Weaver. I have seen Alien several times though that was a long time ago., but this is my first time with the director's cut. I am not going to do the which is better, this version or the 1997 theatrical release, just share some impressions.

In the early part of the movie a few things really stood out. One was the effort at computer and control systems. They did a pretty good job seeing this was filmed in 1996, though the green screen terminal really made me smile. The cigarettes on a space ship was a moment of cognitive dissonance, how could you possibly filter the air? And a cat on a space ship? I had forgotten the total mercenary attitude of the crew, you want me to do something you need to pay me. The special effects with the space ship were fun and if real that thing would be huge, you can really understand why they want to mine asteroids.

The landing snafu did not make any sense to me, but for the movie, I am guessing they needed it for the storyline, now that our technology is degraded, we are much more vulnerable. The space suits for the walk to the facility were pretty cool! The breathing sound when they enter the alien space ship is interesting, but there are three astronauts and one breathing sound. The, (I presume dead) alien pilot was a pretty cool. When the one astronaut goes down the hole, I feel the terror you are supposed to feel with a sci-fi horror movie. When he doesn't run when the egg opens, I am thinking idiot. When they let the guy in with the alien stuck to his face, I am thinking, hey, I just watched Jurassic Park 2, Lost World.

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