Monday, February 10, 2014

Witness - 1985

We saw this a long time ago, rented it from Blockbuster in Fredericksburg, four houses ago. We were amazed just at the opening, how much we have forgotten.

After, we finish the movie, we intend to watch the documentary on the making of the movie. It is a great action film, but it is more than that, the cinematography is very well done. I think this is one of Kelly McGillis' best performances, the other being Top Gun.

Harrison Ford looks so young in the movie, it is incredible. Though it is action thriller, humor is woven in.

The scene where Eli catches John and Rachel dancing had a huge impact on me both the first time I watched this and this time. Eli was so good when he counseled Samuel, I did not think he was out of line, in fact I thought given the context it was she that was out of line.

The barn raising scene is one of my all time favorites. Another is when he goes into town to use the phone for the second time. I won't say any more than that. Great plot, fine acting, well filmed, what fun. I am glad we have added this to our library and intend to see it again sometime.

Parents, I can't recommend young kids watch the movie, there is a gruesome killing by knife in the opening of, a semi-nude shot of Kelly McGillis in the middle and plenty violence to go around towards the end.

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