Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goodbye Girl - 1977

I have seen this movie before, like a thousand years ago, but really smiled when Kathy ordered this from Amazon. Personally, I find the first half of the movie quite sad, but the dialog is incredible. The play of words between Paula McFadden, (Marsha Mason), and Elliot Garfield, (Richard Dreyfuss), is incredible, an extraordinary job. Dreyfuss reminds me of someone I went to college that is also an actor; shout out to Dr. Chip Straley.

Lucy McFadden, (Quinn Cummings), turns in quite a performance as a tween.

The romantic scene on the roof was fun, this is the night after Elliot kissed Paula in the bathroom and it was not returned. Then the next night as they danced on the room, Paula says, "Are we going to sleep together tonight?'

The painting the apartment scene really cracked us up. The painter puts the one color on the wall and Paula says no. The painter mixes in a lighter color and bang, the color of the wall is a perfect pattern match for the color in our entertainment room.

Anyway, I am deeply thankful we have this in our collection. As a security guy of many years, I am a bit paranoid. I don't want Netflix, Amazon prime etc to have what we watched, when we watched it etc. Of course Amazon, ( and everyone else after this blog post), will know we bought the movie, but this one had zero chance of showing up in the DVD or Blue Ray bin at Wal-Mart if you get my drift.

Anyway, I fully expect we will watch it again. There is an interchange in the movie where Paula says, "Another Goddamn actor. "I happen to have a lawyer acquaintance?" Right out of A Streetcar Named Desire. Stanley Kowalski in summer stock, right?" This is something Kathy and I do and have done for years. It is actually something we learned from Hunter. We will sometimes use movie lines when communicating in public, because it tells the back story too, so anyone else that is with us, hears the words we say, but does not get the full meaning. I have no doubt we will watch this movie a couple times. (Security people, this paragraph is why I sent this to my SANS Google + circle)

Parents, I think this movie will be fine for kids. There is no nudity, though there is a scene where some ladies are dancing in bikinis in a bar, but I am from Hawaii, I have seen a lot of bikinis, so you have to make up your own mind. There are two scenes with violence, but in one there is no injury, in the other Elliot gets a black eye. But the movie has a happy ending, everything is carefully done.

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