Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where the wild things are - 2009

I used to enjoy reading the book to age appropriate kids. I was not prepared for how sad the beginning of the movie made me feel. The sister telling Max to go play with his friends, the snowball fight ending in the destruction of his igloo, the fit of rage in her bedroom that was almost Asperger-like and him mom being too busy to see what he did in his room. And that school teacher talking about the end of our solar system, that was a harsh little speech. Something needs to change in his life. And so it shall.

The storm at sea in the little boat was quite compelling. Even though I had read the book it was hard not to be impacted.

The meeting of the wild things was fun. It is amazing how calm their voices are even in the wild rumpus. I love the everything you see is yours, except, it is a great monologue.

The rock collection to build the castle which is part mountain with a laboratory to build robots was fun to watch, but I doubt OSHA would approve.

I am glad we have it in the collection, we have guests a lot and while I would be very careful of showing the movie to really young kids, somebody about the size/age of Max would probably enjoy the movie.

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