Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big Fish - 2003

I had not seen this movie, hadn't even heard of it. I sort of like Tim Burton films. The opening was very promising. The beast fish story cracked me up and reminded me of Grumpy Old Men, or was that Grumpier?

There are some great lines in the movie, here is an early one, "We were like strangers who knew each other very well."

The glass eye scene kinda reminded me of Beetlejuice, not sure why, probably because they were both Tim Burton films.  Truly enjoyed the "monster" or "creature" scene. The bones outside the cave were a wonderful touch. Really identified with the jumping spiders, I have experienced that myself, in Hawaii we have cane spiders that jump. That part of the movie could have developed a bit more.

Interesting how they weave crows throughout the plot. Here on the lake we have nesting eagles, and also crows. Crows torment the eagles, or at least try to. When the eagles land in a tree, the crows fly all around them. They chase the eagles when they fly.

Absolutely nuts movie, but I liked it and think I will watch it again.Very touching, I plan to watch again.

Parents, I am not aware of any nudity or graphic violence, but I think the subject matter is not appropriate for young childres.

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