Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One Man's Hero - Tom Berenger

Kathy wasn't home so I was a bachelor and this looked like a guy movie. I liked the pen drawings and the plight of the Irish immigrant start. It is a Western and there are some great landscapes and period costumes. The whippings are odd, not sure how they get the cross hatch pattern, whips go across easily, up and down takes a bit more effort. I could not follow the plot, it almost seemed like it was "life sucks". This one is not going to stay on the bookshelf, got to make room for other movies.

Monday, September 18, 2017

New in Town - Rene Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.

Really enjoyed the movie. The first time I saw it was on an airplane, that results in sampling it more than watching it. We watched it at home and it was really fun. There will be a place for this on our movie bookshelf for a long time.

For extra credit, watch the special features. they filmed the movie in Winnipeg in the winter, so the cold scenes REALLY are cold. I used to be asked to speak at a security conference in Winnipeg in February by Dan Swanson, always managed to duck the opportunity, thank goodness. Hi Dan!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chocolat - Juliette Binoche

This is a magical movie; literally. They are subtle. Vianne, (Juliette), "blows in with the North wind" to a provincial French village that needs her gifts badly. She opens a chocolate shop. She has a gift to know what people need and give it to them.

There is pushback of course. Mostly led by the Mayor, Comte de Raynaud, (Alfred Molina). But person, by person, Vianne wins them over.

I really resonate with the movie. I love to cook and love to cook for others such as the sick at my church. I try to think what might help them, I pray for them. When they are mortally ill I try to craft food that will bring them a bit of happiness. But I am not magic, I don't even know if my prayers are answered. Watching the movie masterfully touch hearts made me smile.

I really loved the performance of Armande, (Judi Dench). She does a masterful job of playing the older woman, abandoned by her daughter, unable to see and spend time with her grandson.

The turning point, the drama, increases with the arrival of the "river rats", hobos on boats, including Roux, (Johnny Depp). They fit in even less than Vianne and the town is turned against them.

A low point in the movie is when the mayor convinces the pastor to preach against chocolates. Her daughter, Anouk, gets worked over by the other children concerning her mother, the "helper of Satan".

The party for Armande was touching and leads to a series of climaxes. I cannot divulge the endings, but there is a place for this movie on my bookshelf and I intend to watch it again

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bucket List - Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson

Kathy and I watched this movie last night. I turned to the Internet to try to find out what the relationship between Edward, (Jack Nicholson) and Thomas/Matthew, (Sean Hayes) was and learned for the first time, it was reviewed poorly.

Quick reminder, this is not a movie review blog, it is an impressions blog. I have no idea how to critically review a movie. My brother liked it, I liked it. The opening, in McCreath body shop and the close on the mountain, "Because it was against the law" are memorable and open and shut the movie nicely.

My favorite adventure was the car race. To intentionally ram a Shelby, that most be freeing.

I didn't like/get the Carter marriage stranger becomes a husband stuff. I suppose it was important, but I do not know why. I also could not follow the prostitute that Edward hired to seduce Carter conversation, the volume was too low compared to the rest of the movie and we have a decent home theater, but found I did not care enough to rewind and play again.

Overall, it is a good movie, it rates a place on my shelves. When we buy new movies, we chuck older non-performing ones and this one will probably be here for a long while.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Intern

First class. This is on my must see again list especially since I saw it on an airplane. Robert De Niro really shines. And it is so real. I just read the Dan Lyons post on Linkedin and the Hubspot reply, this movie could have been about them, (except that Ben Whittaker - Robert De Niro's character has the grace and humility to just shine).

And if I can learn just one thing from the movie, it is to consistently carry a handkerchief. I own the bloody things, used to carry them, but when I got a puppy I started using that pocket for poop pick up bags.

If that is not a compelling enough reason to carry a handkerchief, there is an information warfare battle going on that could impact you, especially if you travel. It is either true or not true that both Dyson Air Blades and Paper Towels spread germs, a lot of germs. The good news is you are probably going to be exposed to germs regardless.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Intolerable Cruelty - George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones

There is no way I would ever buy a video with that title, but Kathy had seen part of the movie on the airplane and we saw it in a Good Will thrift store for $2.99. And there are some great scenes. I loved the rottweilers hired by Catherine Zeta-Jones chasing the soon to be divorced husband were great, (and they show up again). I thought Edward Herrmann, the famous character actor, overplayed his role a bit, but only a bit, but it is a comedy. Clooney and Zeta-Jones do pretty well within the constraints of the screen play. Don't expect reality. Do expect gamesmanship.

Is it family friendly? Well gee, it is about infidelity and divorce lawyers. And there are morals to the story, money cannot buy happiness, we need something other than work, put your health before you plastic surgery.  And above all, don't sign the Massey Pre-nup and if you do, make sure you keep your copy.

Would I watch it again? Probably. Kathy likes it and I can check my email while it is running.

Firewall - Harrison Ford

OK, if you know me at all, I am a forgone conclusion. From Hackers, to Sneakers, I may not love the movie, but I am going to own it and watch it. This is a genuine movie though with plot and characters and drama, lots of drama.

Harrison Ford has devoted his life to bank computer security and it is thought he might be able to aid in the technical aspects of a large heist. They use a number of methods to get to him primarily his family.

What I like about the movie is that it does not hinge on technology. No need to break a 256 bit cipher in your head in 30 seconds or less. This works on the human side of things and the attackers do a very good job of it. No matter how much they change technology, this will always remain work.

Is it family friendly? Well, I guess you could say the family that is kidnapped together stays together. Seriously, there is no nudity. But these are seriously mature themes. Some movies have what I call , "Disney violence", (think about the old Batman TV show with POW, and SPLAT). Sophisticated kids seem to know that it is not real.  This is not Disney violence. I mean there is the classic Harrison Ford win the day by leading with your chin that no one will take seriously, but to make the plot come to life they mess with the viewers mind a bit, it is close to a psychological thriller.

Will I watch it again? Of course. There is a lot that I can learn for my craft from the movie. Plus, it is a pretty plot with good acting.