Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lies and Alibis

A fun sleeper, stream it, don't buy it, I got it for less than a dollar at a yard sale. Steve Coogan and Rebecca Romjin, (Mystique in the X-Men), are unknown to me, but I thought they did well. Particularly enjoyed Sam Elliot as the hitman.

Basic premise is they help people cheat on their spouses and not get caught. There is no nudity, but the  plot line pretty much means younger people should probably not see it.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is an incredible movie. I really enjoyed it. I was not familiar with Lolita Davidovich, but the interaction between her and Paul Newman is incredible. There is a scene of nudity, but I think the movie does a fantastic job of exploring racial prejudice in politics and the incredible story of Earl Long.

This was on the same Blu-Ray we got from Wal-Mart at less than 3 dollars with both Billy Bathgate and Blaze on the same disk. Nice!

Billy Bathgate

Talk about an incredible list of stars including Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, and Bruce Willis, (and more), in a movie I had never heard of, but this is it.

A bit dark, I would not show this to kids, it is a gangster movie, but it is also well done. I think this is one of Kidman's best roles.

If you are looking for a sleeper, I think you might find this worth streaming. We got it from Wal-Mart as a blue ray for less than three dollars; good buy.

Seeing Double

OK, this is a stupid movie. I had never heard of S Club, but then my sense of music ends with the 70s; Hang on Sloopy, Green Onion, and Get it On are the next three songs I am going to add from iTunes.

It is an innocent movie, I am not sure if kids under five years old should see it, but violence is limited to loosely tieing people up with big white ropes.

However, there is something about it that made it worth watching to the end. I am glad we have this movie, I think I paid a dollar for it and will put it with my kids collection.