Thursday, February 13, 2014

Almost an Angel - 1990

What the heck, any collection needs a Paul Slogan sleeper. The short plot line, a life long crook saves a boy from being run over in a street. In a dream he meets God, (played by Charlton Heston).

I had never seen this movie before, hadn't heard of it, Kathy picked it out somehow and blessed me with commentary throughout the movie . . . Kathy: "No you can't fly, probationary angels can't fly. Certified angels can fly, faculty fellows can definitely fly."

There are some great lines, I am not sure why this did not do better. The drug dealer intervention scene was priceless.

There is a possibility that politics and economics of the movie industry kept this movie down. I surely do not know. However, Kathy and I enjoyed it and if you get the chance to watch it, I would think there is a better than even chance you would to.

We have this in our library and we can watch it later. I do plan to watch it again.

Parents, I think this should be OK for kids of any age, obviously the theology is incorrect, but the violence/nudity etc is much more like a Disney film than most of the entertainment available.

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