Friday, February 7, 2014

What's your number (extended version) - 2011

I have never seen this movie before nor heard of it. When we go to Wal-mart we often go by the box of $5.00 and I think this was one of those. We stuck it in the DVD. At least at the opening, the movie left me flat, if fact when Ally Darling, (Anna Feia), was embarrassing herself with the toast at the party leading up to her sister's wedding, I ended up fast forwarding the movie.

The plot is actually clever. When she meets Colin Shea, (Chris Evans), across the hall in her apartment building who is even more promiscuous than she is, a strange twist in the plot is based on two people that do not seem to be able sustain a relationship.

There are a couple fun lines, "Dad didn't take me to many ball games, but we went on a lot of stake outs." "I wouldn't have know I was gay if I hadn't dated you," one of her ex-boyfriends, (who is talking about running for president of the USA says to her. He wanted her for cover, "America is ready for a black president, but they aren't ready for a black gay president".

The movie does get a bit more interesting, the Horse basketball scene in Madison Square Garden was fairly interesting. I also enjoyed the Twitter scene with her father.

Parents, you probably should not let your kids watch this movie. When I was in the Navy on the Kennedy, we had a movie every Friday night, the old style where the movies were on a reel. They tended to be a lot like this, they called them T&A, (don't ask). I even ran the projector when I was not flying. After the aircraft carrier crew watches the movie, we fly it to the destroyers in the carrier battle group with any postal mail for that ship. They would say thanks by sending awesome food back up with the cable hoist. Once, we had been at sea for five months with almost continuous flight ops. Somehow they had come up with fresh peaches, it was so tasty, though when I looked down at the peach and saw half a worm, my joy was a bit diminished. The second half of the movie is well done and touching and not so full of T&A, but the first half is a bit like half a worm in a fresh peach.

Let's cut to the chase. My partner, when I was an executive at SANS, Mason Brown, taught me that you could not have an infinite sized "book shelf". The team met several times a year to determine what could stay on the roster or if a promising course should be added. That was a virtual shelf, so in point of fact we could have kept them all. However, that would cause us to lose focus. Now at our house we have a physical book shelf. Kathy and I have agreed that we only want movies we intend to watch multiple times. We keep a cardboard box and the movies that are not keepers end up in the box. I understand there are services that let you trade your duplicates and movies you don't want to keep. When the box gets full, I will sort out what to do. This may be a candidate for the box.

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