Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Romancing the Stone - 1984

In the first two minutes of the movie, we see a bit of a beautiful blond girl's charms, but still clearly in the PG arena. We see an improbable knife throw, I think it is a Scottish dirk. And here a great line, "he raped and murdered my sister, stole my ranch, shot my dog and stole my bible".

Twas all fiction though, she is a writer, Joan Wilder, (Kathleen Turner, and this is where set really gets her start). She is the city mouse of all city mouses, and she has to go rescue your sister. She gets on a bus, the wrong bus, but he the landscapes are incredible. She would have been history, but Jack, (Michael Douglas), shows up and pulls off a rescue. This is followed by a long chase in the jungle.

A major plot change occurs in a crashed drug smuggling plane in the jungle. They take shelter in side, leading to an insane line, "throw another kilo on the fire". They have a conversation and the relationship is born. Later at first kiss, she initiates it.

Now they are a couple, how much trust there is, who knows. There is a concept they get some money and buy a boat. Several of my peers, SANS instructors, have living on a boat with their families and traveling the wet world as a dream. I dunno, I like living in a house and putting my big boat, a canoe in the lake in our back yard.

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