Friday, February 7, 2014

Accidental Spy - 2001

I love Jackie Chan movies and what a plus; this one is largely filmed in Hong Kong and also Turkey.

Parents, I would be hesitant to allow young kids to watch this, there is some significant violence. Mostly it is the standard Jackie Chan type of violence where no one gets particularly hurt. This is the only movie I can remember where there was nudity and it is no less than Jackie himself. He is chased from a Turkish spa and ends up in a Turkish bazaar sans towel. I am not a particular fan of a naked male, but they are creative about how he tries to cover himself.  

There is also the magic of Jackie Chan using everything imaginable as a weapon. The defibrillator scene was brilliant. One of the amazing skills Chan has is amazing facial impressions. And I love the way he was doing BASE jumping when BASE jumping wasn't cool.

Usually with a Jackie Chan movie, you have the plot figured out. This movie is coming in with layers like an onion. I like that.

I was trying to multitask, but when he went to spread the ashes on his mother's? grave, I got sucked in. The action was fast, the stunts were incredible, the improvised boat incredible.

I am glad this movie is in my library, I do expect to watch it again.

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