Thursday, February 27, 2014

T2 Judgement Day - 1991

Kathy wanted to go to sleep early tonight, this gave me an opportunity to watch a "shoot em up". I chose Terminator 2. I have seen this movie before though it has been a while.

There seem to be four phases of the movie:

  • The beginning where Sara is locked in the mental hospital, and John O Conner is acting out his frustrations. The two terminators arrive from the future, one to protect John, one to kill John.
  • Terminator to Terminator warfare, lots of nifty special effects.
  • The race South to get weapons. This is also where we have the major relationship building phase.
  • The battle to destroy the original terminator parts stored at Cyberdyne and the last battle of the terminators.
I always find time travel movies interesting. I am not sure the idea of going back in time makes sense, time seems to move forward. It stopped once, in one way or another, or at least the sunset was held back, but never went back. Assuming you *could* go back in time, the thought that one person could change history is a bit overdone. There are lots of people playing on the stage if you get my drift.

Great special effects, especially considering the era. The molten metal terminator was pretty cool. I am glad I have this movie and will almost certainly watch it again. If you are in the cybersecurity field, you almost certainly know this, but the author of the computer worm netsky, Sven Jaschan, was a fan of terminator. So, if you ever pronounce the worm, call it Net Sky, not Net Ski.

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