Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jurassic Park 2 Lost World- 1997

I saw JP 1 in a theater, Kathy ended up leaving during the spitting dinosaurs scene. I checked out JP 2 from Blockbuster a long time ago. Had to watch it while Kathy was at women's Bible study. All I can remember is that I thought this was one of Ian's, (Jeff Goldblum), better performances and one of his lines. But then, he does get tossed some great lines.

The opening scene when the cute little girl meets the cute little dinosaur was really scary. The next scene in the house of John Hammond, (Richard Attenborough) bored me.

The preparation for the safari was kind of cool. There is some angst between Ian and his daughter, Kelly. She did not make her school's gymnastics team. The fictional Lindstradt air gun is way cool and very humane. Then they get to the also fictional island. The team has their first dinosaur encounter and one guy exclaims, this is fantastic and my favorite Ian line, (and the only one I remembered), ensues, "Oh yeah, oooh ah, that's how it starts, then later the running and screaming."

The arrival of the Imgen hunter posse team brings the dark element to the movie. I don't like them. Not against hunters and hunting, there are so many parts of the country that I am afraid to drive at dusk or dawn because of deers.  If you think I am a chicken, wait till you hit one! So I am all for safe and compassionate hunting practices especially if deer are the prey.

I had a bit of cognitive dissonance with the baby tyrannosaur, would you bring one in your living facility knowing the parents would be looking for it. And it is hard to explain that they were just trying to fix the baby's leg to the parents.

Another great line from the movie happens when they are in the control center under attack from Velociraptors. Ian's daughter jumps out grabs onto a water pipe and starts spinning around like they do in gymnastics and then slams both feet into the raptor. Ian replies, "They cut you from the team?"

Need to be careful not to be a spoiler, but the scene in San Diego, while replete with all kinds of mayhem is kind of funny. My favorite line in that section, Sarah says, "How will we find the adult?" Ian replies, "Follow the screams."

Is this a great movie? Probably not. But I am glad I have it in the collection and will probably watch it again, but not often.

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