Wednesday, January 1, 2014

While you were sleeping - 1995

The is not a review or a plot description, this is a record of how the movie made me feel.

I have seen this movie multiple times and love it and am a real Sandra Bullock fan as well. After the dramatic rescue where Lucy, (Sandra Bullock), jumps on the subway tracks to help Peter, (Peter Gallagher), who is thrown from the subway and is unconscious on the tracks. Lucy had managed to develop a crush on Peter who does not know she exists. I find I am rooting for Lucy and also quite aware that being with an unconscious man on an active train track is a bit scary.

They avoid getting crushed by the train. And at the hospital the drama begins, a rumor gets started that she is his finance and while she was careful about what she said, she did not stop the story. I feel conflicted, oh my this is not going to work out well.

In the deliver the furniture scene, Lucy and Jack, (Peter's brother played by Bill Pullman), take a long walk together and while we still have to conflict coming when Peter wakes up, I find myself rooting for the potential the couple has.

This is a comedy and the funniest exchanges are between Lucy and her boss Jerry. Kathy and I could not keep from laughing when they had their exchanges.

They do a great job of keeping the dynamic tension up until almost the very end. When Peter was willing to accept any and everything, I felt bored really, I think they could have eliminated that scene.

I do not want to go any farther for fear of spoiling the ending for anyone that has not seen the movie.

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