Sunday, January 26, 2014

Caribe - 1987

This blog post is not a review or a plot description, this is a record of how the movie made me feel.

I had not seen this movie before, nor even heard of it. I found it in a second hand shop and the price was low enough that if it totally goes South, I could just put it in the trash.

Helen, (Kara Glover), looks like an Arquette.  You have to give it violence points, not surprising, the main theme is arms smuggling.  However, it was less violent than I expected.

The screenplay says it is in Belize. I like some of the scenery.  It reminds me of a cross between Kauai and Cable Beach Australia. The waterfall and small boat scene was great.

I enjoyed the discussion between Helen and Jeff, (John Savage, British intelligence) up in the really cool ruined building on the top of the mountain which they call a pyramid.

And then reality is suspended :)  the wood dugout canoe chases the motorized barge up the river. Next, Helen, an accountant, rigs a set of explosives like an expert. But the wick is noticed and put out. Next, the barge full of explosives catches on fire. big time, and does not explode. And Jeff gets shot two different times in the jungle, once in the shoulder the other in the leg, and lives even though he has no antiseptics. It was an OK section of the movie, but when it is not believable, it is hard to really ride in the adventure.

Favorite line in the movie, after Jeff is shot in the leg, has no weapons and tells Helen to run ahead and blow up the barge and he would stop the bad guy. Helen says, "oh yeah, what are you going to do, bite him in the knee".

Bottom line, to me this is a bit like holding McDonalds stock in 2013, it is OK, but there are better opportunities. Kathy says she would watch it again, I would prefer not to. I have a friend that is planning to move to Belize, maybe I can mail him the DVD.

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