Monday, January 27, 2014

Chicago - 2002

This blog post is not a review or a plot description, this is a record of how the movie made me feel.

I have seen Chicago several times in the past and I love the movie. Love the way the movie opens with the jazz band. I have always enjoyed the jazz scene stretching from Chicago to New Orleans. The opening dance/music number All that jazz, with Velma Kelly, (Catherine Zeta-Jones) was fun to watch. The energy and complex dancing was awesome. 

The second dance and singing number sets up a lot of the movie, and I enjoyed seeing the plot get established. Roxie Hart, (Renée Zellweger) who cheats on Amos had me strongly disliking her. I loved the scene right after they put her in the cell. The rhythm starts with a dripping water faucet and then moves into one of my favorite numbers in the movie, He had it coming. Very fun.

I loved the opening conversation between Roxie and Billy Flynn, (Richard Gere), which is quickly followed by the puppet scene which is full of little tidbits to look for if you have seen the movie a few times, (and yes, Richard Gere sings his own parts).

I know it is a musical and reality is suspended. But, Mr. Cellophane, always makes me a bit sad. I have even sung a few bars, for instance in restaurants when I can't get water or a check. I am guessing there is a bit of cellophane in all of us.

My favorite scene bar none is the razzle dazzle, (only slightly edging out He had it coming), especially the tap dance on the back end of it, that is also Richard Gere. Awesome. 

Glad this movie is in the collection, have every intent of watching it again.

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