Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hackers - 1995

This blog post is not a review or a plot description, this is a record of how the movie made me feel.

I have seen this movie several times, when you are in the business of cyber security it is always fun to be able to insert a quote from the movie into a conversation. This was the third movie that was on the Angela Jolie and the main reason I bought the DVD. The other two were Love is all there is and Original sin.

I had to smile when the movie opened saying Seattle 1998, I am in the Seattle area :). When the storm troopers run into the house, I had to laugh, soon as they are in the door they are shouting "upstairs". Really? You can tell from a modem what floor it is on? I certainly never learned that.

Of course the movie is a bit dated, but the social engineering in the second scene of the movie was awesome and just as valid to day as it was then. And dumpster diving, (looking for sensitive information that has not been shredded), is just as effective today. There are also some tibits that are very far reaching, "The FBI has files on 20 million people"; close. "You need an army, an electronic army".

I had forgotten how Dade, (Jonny Lee Miller), was so cynical with his mother, I didn't like that. I understand what they are trying to do from a plot perspective, but I found myself identifying more with his long suffering mother than Dade when the two of them are talking in the apartment in New York. In fact, I was amazed at how many of the details I had forgotten.

I really enjoyed the interplay between Dade and Kate, (Angelina Jolie). I thought the hacking contest to harass FBI Agent Richard Gill was very well done.

And love the ending though I have no intention of being a spoiler.

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