Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cocacola Kid - 1985

I love this movie. There are some inappropriate scenes, but I taught classes for SANS over ten times in Australia and this maps to ground truth in many ways. This movie quite fairly makes fun of the US and I think of Coca Cola corp as well. The interplay between  Eric Roberts and Greta Scacchi is all smiles.

Appreciate the opening scene when they are spraying the plane after it has landed to eliminate bugs. They really did used to do that. Kathy and I have been sprayed. Fantastic choice of the first office scene with the Sydney opera house in the background.

A US marine, coming down to change sodapop drinking habits in rural Australia is a recipe for humor, (and heartbreak). I enjoy seeing him be kind to Greta's daughter at the copy machine.

The first visit to Anderson valley is a gas. A bunch of surprises. Can't say one is above another, but even after viewing the movie multiple times, I smile on that series of scenes.

I am very glad to have this one in our library. In fact, this is the second copy. This movie is not for everyone, but Kathy and I were in Australia in the late 90s and we sort of "get it".

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