Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rumor has it... - 2005

Have seen this movie once before, and really loved it.

It is an improbable plot and don't want to say too much about the plot, if you haven't seen the movie, it is a blast discovering the plot.

I love the scene in the airport when Sarah, (Jennifer Aniston) is briefing her fiancee, Jeff, (Mark Ruffalo) on how to talk to her father, Earl, (Richard Jenkins), who has an amazing depth in acting. The dialog in the rehearsal dinner is fantastic, I particularly adore the conversation between Sarah and Katharine, (Shirley MacLaine). During the toast, Earl lists the date he got married and since Jeff know her birthday, he says, "Your parents didn't waste much time", he points out the dates and it was a possibility she might have been pregnant when she was married, if not it had to happen within a few days of the wedding. Sarah decides she wants to know and decides her Aunt Mitsy, (Kathy Bates), would know. It is a bit part, she is an incredibly talented actress, remember Miss Sue in the Blind Side?

Sarah learns enough from Aunt Mitsy to know who the only possible love interest her mother could have other than her dad, she tracks him down. Beau Burroughs, (Kevin Costner), is giving a speech to a bunch of people that sound like venture capitalist. Some of the lines are pretty funny to a fellow techie and venture capitalist, my favorite is the conclusion of Beau's speech, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet isn't coming, it has arrived."

I love Beau's two most words he ever heard, "be present". I think I need to work on that.  Can't say anymore than that or I will risk spoiling a plot that is meant to be enjoyed as it unfolds.

Parents, this movie probably is not suitable for children, it is primarily the conversations, there is no nudity, but there is a short scene which some folks would consider risque.

I am really glad to own the movie, and plan to watch it several times. There are some lines in the movie I want to commit to memory such as, "Life should be a little messy, otherwise it is just a bunch of Thursdays strung together".

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