Monday, August 31, 2015

Captain Phillips - Tom Hanks

Kathy ordered this from Amazon and it was really well done. It is historically accurate, (at least from the United States point of view). I think you know the story of the Somalia pirates and the Alabama, so I will skip the  plot setup.

Suffice to say, that while Tom Hanks is good from the get go, he really shines in the second half of the movie.

Is it family friendly? Well there is no sex if that is your hot button. There is a lot of threatening, followed by more threatening and some bloodshed. They do give some opportunities to have some important cultural discussions with older children such as the impact of overfishing the Somali seas that led seaman to become pirates.

Will I watch it again? Yes, this is one of the movies where I can appreciate Tom Hanks acting, I do not always like him, sometimes he overdoes it, but this was well done.

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