Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Urban Cowboy - John Travolta

Somehow, I managed to go the entire 35 years since this movie went to press without seeing it. But I am in a bit of a Scott Glenn mood after last night. He is actually very low key in this movie, just a step above cardboard. I think it was scripted that way, the only time he came to life was woman abuse counts for something. That said, near the end of the movie when he is sitting in the bar with Debra Winger, and we cannot hear what either of them are saying it is a powerful scene.

OK, the movie. I found it sad. Really sad, it got better, sort of, towards the end, but why do we need to endure so much, oh no, to get there. The rodeo competition was fun. The crazy thing is this is three movies in a row where a letter, well, card in this case, played a fairly significant role. I have actually ridden a mechanical bull once, in Texas, in fact at Gilley's. Only the Gilley's we went to wasn't in Dallas, it was a 35 minute drive. Didn't last long, no desire to do it again.

I did really like the midnight shift chat with Uncle Bob, (Barry Corbin), before the lightning/fire that took his life. He told Bud, (John Travolta), how pride had nearly been his downfall more than once. If I was to ever watch any of this movie again, it would be that talk.

And I loved the Charlie Daniels Band performance snippets. In fact, I liked the soundtrack not just the music, (which is epic), but the way they laid it out, it made my home theater stand up and dance. I cracked up when I heard Joe Walsh's All Night Long. I was at his concert in Jacksonville and he collapsed, dead drunk, in the opening number.

Family friendly? Not a chance. They were pretty careful about exposing body parts, it isn't really violent, I mean there is the fight at the end and you are kinda cheering for the winner. But, all the sleeping with the wrong person stuff, ARRRRG.

I am totally on the fence. I want to keep it versus I don't plan to watch it again, so it is in a pile to trade in. I don't have to decide tonight, but I will put it in the trade pile, I always end up extending mercy to a few flicks before I send them out.

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