Friday, August 21, 2015

What's Your Number

Young singles, who have had trouble with lasting relationships. They have friends that are married, or going to be. And a strange curse of sorts, (A Harvard study. If a girl has 20 different sexual relationships she will not be able to have a permanent one.). I tolerate chick flicks, because I can do things like write a blog post while Kathy watches.

I would have ignored it until I realized this was exactly what Mandy and I were talking about last Friday. Her kids and my kid are going through this exact thing and I doubt they would  be excited to know they are living in a comedy. Then I heard this quote, "You guys all have an ideal girl in mind, and if our number gets too high then she can't be that girl. So, I am not going to sneak this into the trade pile. . . at least not till I loan it to Jim and Mandy.

Is it family friendly? I did not observe any nudity. Oops, scratch that, a topless girl was in a scene near the end. There wasn't much vulgar language, or at least I didn't notice it. On the other hand if Anna Faris is trying not to have her 21st relationship, well, you figure it out.

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