Friday, August 7, 2015

Windrider - Nicole Kidman

A fantastic sleeper flick. PC, (Police Car), is that guy in The Man From Snowy River, (Tom Burlinson, Jim Craig), but younger. He is very high energy, but one of his true passions is wind surfing. High end, push it hard, wind surfing. And he meets a lovely gal, Nicole Kidman. They fall in love, have a spat, break up. Then he loses some of his edge, that can happen when a shark bites off the nose of your board.

The movie was filmed in Australia and it has some of the classic Aussie quirks. Kathy and I have been there seven times and it is great to have these reminders.

I would like to watch this movie again and glad that Kathy picked it up. It is not family friendly, there is nudity and this, that, and the other thing is implied.

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