Saturday, August 8, 2015

Marie Antoinette - Kirsten Dunst

Even if it is free to stream this movie, your time is worth something. Save it. Horrible screen play, they take forever to engage in what is known as a plot. Elaborate sets and costumes can only take you so far unless you are a costume seamstress.

One thing the movie taught me is that I am glad I was not a king, queen, prince, duke, dauphine etc in those days. I like it when our server at a restaurant keeps our water water glasses full, maybe even throws in a lemon, but one or two people is enough. The idea of dozens and dozens of servers gives me chills. After her first child was born the movie started tracking the story of her life, but it was extremely understated. Unless you already knew about changing the costume of the court for instance, you are very unlikely to pick it up here.

When it goes downhill for Marie, as happened in real life, the movie does track it, but again, if you do not know the historical account, it is unlikely you can track the nails in the veritable headless coffin. Near the end, they do get plain about the queen of debt perception. When she claps at the opera and no one joins her, you would think most movie watchers would  pick up that she is in serious trouble, but they should have planted the seeds.

Another strange aspect of the movie is the sound track, they switch between the sounds of the period and modern music. This does not work for me.

I very much doubt I will watch this movie again, and if Kathy agrees, will put it in the trade-in pile. Heck, they don't even have Spanish subtitles.

Is it family friendly? Well, if skin is the big issue, you see her, (or her body double's) backside. There are some transparent white gowns where you see her nipple. These are in the early part of the movie, I think the filmmaker was hoping these would convince people to watch the end of the movie. I am not qualified to comment on the historical accuracy of the adultery scene, but it is artfully done, (nothing shows). There is not much violence, they flip to French Revolution and some war, (American Revolution?), but it is minor, just a quick flash and not up close and personal.

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