Friday, August 14, 2015

Deep Gold - Bebe Pham

Who? The concept behind the plot is a lady champion free diver and the love of her life is an AF Pilot chosen to carry a cargo of gold. His plane disappears presumably in the ocean. She sets out to find him.

Not a perfect movie by any means and they violate the laws of diving and even physics a few times, but the underwater work is pretty cool. The "Making of" bonus was my personal favorite part of the movie. Do not miss that.

Is it family friendly? There is no nudity, this is a catholic country. There is plenty of violence, but it is a bit like Star Trek, if you are wearing a red shirt you are probably toast, but the sister's survive against incredible odds and no undue pain and suffering. They keep blood to a dull roar, so it is sort of synthetic violence.

Would I see it again? Probably, I am keeping this one on the shelf. It is worth it for the incredibly poor job of translating some or another language into the subtitles. We do not condone the consumption of large volumes of alcohol, but in the right situation, I think this could play well.

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