Thursday, August 13, 2015

Backdraft - Incredible cast

It has been years since I have seen this movie. Gosh it is good. Decent cast too :) Kurt Russell  as Stephen 'Bull' McCaffrey, William Baldwin as Dennis McCaffrey, William Baldwin as Brian McCaffrey,  Robert De Niro, as Donald 'Shadow' Rimgale, Donald Sutherland, as Ronald Bartel, Jennifer Jason Leigh, as Jennifer Vaitkus, Scott Glenn, as John 'Axe' Adcox, Rebecca De Mornay as Helen McCaffrey, Jason Gedrick, as Tim Krizminski, and J.T. Walsh, as Alderman Marty Swayzak.

The plot, screenplay and a performance worthy of that cast add up to a great movie. There is a scene where William Baldwin as Brian McCaffrey has been transferred to a forensics job instead of fire fighting, the engines drive by on a call. He feels the call. If you have an extra moment do a Google search on "retired fire horse". If you get the fire fighting bug into your system, it will never leave.

Watch the durn movie! It is not even dated, somehow it does not feel like it is 15 years old. Rebecca De Mornay showed a different side than I have ever seen, I stereotype her as the girl in Risky Business.

Is it family friendly? There is no nudity that I observed, but young kids should probably not see this movie. The best advice I can give is for parents to pre-screen. If you do decide to watch it, make sure to have a discussion with your kids afterwards. Before and after the movie, it is a great teaching device. If a fire is suspected, always touch a door before opening it. Never stand in the opening of the door. Be very careful about opening a window unless you are planning to make your exit from the building that way safety net or not.

Will I watch it again? Surely you do not need to guess :)

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