Saturday, August 8, 2015

Independence Day - Star studded cast

Going to change the format, you can bet I am going to watch this movie again. We own it in both of our houses. It has to be in the top 20 SCI-FI movies ever.

I am not going to break down the actors, this is a big budget film and they casted a great screen play with an all star cast that gave it there all. Props to Mary McConnell as the first lady, I think she reached her personal best. And the Will Smith - Jeff Goldblum dialog is priceless. Apologies to everyone I did not mention.

So watch, or re-watch the movie! Preferably with a subwoofer. Enjoy the quips!

Is it family friendly? I don't know, if finding Nemo is as far as you can go, no. It is rated PG13 for Sci-Fi destruction and violence. Look, I am not the parent of your child, but kids are pretty sophisticated and it is a 1996 film. It is unlikely, though possible, that kids will translate this as real. My six month old Rottweiler barked at a scary piece of cardboard at an outdoor restaurant.

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