Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Elysium - Matt Damon - Jodie Foster

Sci-Fi. Haves and have nots. A somewhat dystopian society. Lots of weapons, special effects, what is not to like?

They keep Matt tamed down a bit. Otherwise the plot and cast would allow him to destroy everything two minutes after he got the exo-skeleton. There are some nods to other movies, especially Johnny Mnemonic. I don't think Jodie Foster got to shine in her role. I did like Emma Tremblay as the kid, I thought the story went well and Alice Braga did well as her mother.

Family friendly? I did not see any evidence of sex or nudity, but this goes into the category of shoot em up. I will put one in from time to time when Kathy is out, it passes the time.

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