Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Rich teenager, Taylor Lautner, a "father" that spars full contact with him, anger issues and disturbing dreams.. Sigourney Weaver is his shrink, (nice that they let her play her age).

Aside from Weaver, I did not recognize anyone else in the cast with the exception of Maria Bello. My favorite role for her was Lil i Coyote Ugly. But despite a fairly green cast they do a fairly good job with the basic teenage angst, party, drive fast and all that is before the twist.

As part of a school assignment he finds his baby picture on a missing persons web site. The evidence keeps falling into place. So who are his parents?  The questions come faster than the answers and the screenplay is downright explosive right about then.

Is it family friendly? Hehe, well I wouldn't show it to a 4 year old. It isn't big on sex so you do not need to worry about that. There is some violence, but it is fake violence, most kids will not internalize it; it seems like a Nickelodeon film.

Would I watch it again? Not sure, but I am keeping it on the shelf. We have a kids section since we have guests so often. Maybe, a young teens section makes sense too.

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