Sunday, December 22, 2013

V for Vendetta 2005

This post is not a review or a plot summary, it is a record of my feelings evoked from the movie.

My first feeling, I was CEO of a security company and Anonymous, possibly the greatest hacking crewe of all time, adopted the Guy Fawkes mask. This drags me deep into the movie, though I translate the message much different than the comic book plot and message. I have watched as the cyber attacks have been escalating and they have already linked cyber warfare to physical warfare. This should not be a movie I watch at night because it jacks me up almost as much as Mad Max.

The plot about a government with not checks and balances probably seemed to be a stretch in 2005, but after the Snowden releases, I am not so sure. So as afraid as I am about people behind Guy Fawkes masks, I am slowly coming around to the notion our government has gotten out of control, not to the extent the movie talks about, but I certainly hope we do not get to that point.

Had a bit of trouble believing this reality. While everybody has a super power, there aren't any super heroes. If you shoot somebody, they die much of the time. If you mess with a powerful government you will go down most of the time, though Assange and Snowden show there are potentials for alternate realities.

The primary emotion I had in the second half of the movie until the finale was boredom.

I appreciate the way the violence is mostly implied, you do not see blood and gore like a military movie or the Godfather. Well until the subway scene, more cartoon physics, but if you like to see blood spurt it is there in a big way.

I have this movie in my library, not just for its entertainment value, but to remind me of some of the critical issues that we used to think are science fiction, but in reality, we will likely face in the next ten years.

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