Saturday, December 21, 2013

Secondhand Lions 2003

First saw this on a plane. The two "great uncles", Hub, played by Robert Duvall and Garth, played by Michael Caine are hilarious. I loved the scene in the beginning of the movie when they are shooting shotguns at the sales people that kept driving up to their house in the country.

I am a sucker for movies when one of the actors starts a story to a kid and then the movie "jumps" into stories. Lions jumps in and out from the narration to acting it out in the movie.

Hub and Garth do an incredible job of toggling between sounding stupid and being incredibly brilliant. A lot of the movie was "cartoon physics", I laughed till I cried and it was touching throughout.

One thing I try to do, though this blog, over time, will prove beyond doubt I fail. I am certainly hoping to see this again, it is welcome in my library.

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