Saturday, December 21, 2013

Godfather Part II 1974

My main impression is that this film confused me as I watched it for the first time. It starts in Sicily when Vito is a little boy and then the next thing I know, Michael, who became Don after Vito passed seven years earlier is the focus of the story. I love the Sicilian landscapes in both Part I and Part II. I have been to Sicily hiking Mount Edna and spending some time on one of the widest beaches I have ever seen. It is quite the site over a thousand men in black bikinis. All the tourist brochures show lovely women in bikinis, but the beach I was on had overweight women in black one piece suits. I was with a friend at and the time most of the people had never seen a frisbee. They asked to buy them. At the time 25,000 lyra was about 25.00 USD if I recall correctly. And they were willing to pay it, good thing we brought our Frisbee golf bag :)

Then we switch back to Vito who has a wife and a baby. This is also a very dark movie. It ends with Michael doing some serious thinking, which is a lead in to Part 3.

The bottom line for me. Plot is hard to follow, but period cars and clothes are awesome.

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