Sunday, December 22, 2013

Godspell - 1973

This post is not a review or a discussion of the plot it is a reminder to me about how the movie makes me feel.

It is *so* 1970s that it really made me smile. I had never seen the movie, but I did see the musical on stage in London 1974 stage version of Godspell at the Wyndham's Theatre in London.

The very first narration only about two minutes with the odd voice and the psychedelic paint blobs didn't work for me.

The highlight for me was the sound track. I had a cassette tape of the Godspell sound track, ( Do you remember cassettes?), when I was on the Kennedy, (An aircraft carrier). Only had about a dozen tapes, so played them all a bunch wearing earphones, since the ship operates 24 hours a day, someone is always sleeping. My favorite songs were:
- Prepare ye the way of the Lord, it is a bit haunting and yet stirring at the same time, in my opinion it has a bit less vaudeville influence
- Turn back o man, what a gift to be a skilled dancer with the sultry singing voice
- All for the best, I loved the duet, but the dance part got a bit boring so I went to make a snack
- The musical reprise at the end of the movie

The happy dancing silly part of the movies is greatly diminished after the encounter with the Pharisees. I felt the sadness the show tries to project.

I am glad I have this movie in my library. I don't expect to watch it often, but I have a couple ideas about how I might use it other than watching it in my home theater.

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