Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sabrina 1995

This is not a review or plot summary, this is a record of the feelings the movie evokes in me.

Pretty sure I have never seen this before, certainly not in Seattle, we had to cut the plastic they wrap around DVDs off,  before we could watch the movie.

There seem to be several themes introduced early on. Sabrina,, (Julia Ormond), is a shy plain looking girl with a crush on Linus, (a young Harrrison Ford). I instantly empathized with Sabrina, though it kept running through my mind, "how do they make Julia Ormond look plain".

We also have a theme of two very rich brothers, one a never do well, the other a driven business man similar to Richard Gere in pretty woman. I loved the first line from the playboy brother, "It is rare to meet such a beautiful woman. I love your sense of humor and irony."

She went to work in Paris for a modeling company as a support person. Then she becomes beautiful, first she loses the glasses and you just sense what is coming next. Various events start to add tension to the story. Lots of tension and at the party for someone or another's birthday, I started to feel angst.  I am expecting a happy ending, but I feel like the road is going to get bumpy.

Note to self, don't put champagne flutes in the back pocket of your tuxedo and sit down on a chair. It can ruin your evening. Linus tries to make a move on Sabrina before his brother can deflower and drop her.  As the plot progresses, I find I am really rooting for Linus and Sabrina.  The quips Sabrina delivers at the beach picnic had both Kathy and I laughing they were terribly clever. At the end of their day together the dialog had me thinking of the Pretty Woman movie.

As day 2 of attempting a relationship, I find myself laughing till I cried. Apparently, this is a remake, I think I am going to see if the remake is available on Amazon, I love the plot line as it keeps going. At the lunch where they eat the food with their hands we see the seeds of a potential relationship. I find myself hoping for Sabrina and Linus, but she is still heads over heels for David.

Woah! No matter which brother she chooses, the plot has her headed for the path of pain. I am rooting for Sabrina and rooting for Linus to be a decent person. One of the quotes in the movie is that Linus is the only person on earth that "Linus is the only living heart donor that is still living".  The Larrabee brothers are such jerks, Sabrina is crushed, and the movie makes me sad, but hopeful.

I am not going to say anything about the conclusion, but I am glad this is in my library and we will almost certainly watch it again.

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