Sunday, December 22, 2013

Under the Tuscan Sun 2003

This is not a review or a plot summary, these are my feelings evoked by the movie.

The opening of the  movie was a bit sad and scary as well, if your spouse turns against you it can be emotionally and financially devastating. I was happy to see her friends come to her aid. The plot in the beginning of the movie is zany but a good laugh.

NOTE: if you have significant issues with same sex couples, you might want to avoid this movie; in my case Kathy and I been together for 33 years. My philosophy is I have my girl, the rest of you have to sort yourself out.

When the bus was stopped by sheep crossing the road I cracked up, I have had that happen in three different countries.

The movie has some some of my favorite themes, the mysterious lady in a hat who can find ice cream anywhere, the three hundred year old house in disrepair, boy meets girl resulting in an impossible love and they weave all the themes into a happy, romantic movie.

Kathy and I have been to Italy several times and recognized several of the scenes, the Tuscan landscape, the view of the Amalfi coast from the ocean was stunning, it was taken from a boat and we only know the view from the highway, Positano and the beach.  When Frances, (Diane Lane), meets Marcello, (Raoul Bova), she is "hit by the thunderbolt" as they say in the Godfather. That is what happened with Kathy and I, we really resonated with that scene and it brought back memories for both of us.

The end of the flag throwing scene was so funny I belly laughed for minutes, can easily imagine that happening to me. I was playing ultimate frisbee on the field outside of Bushnell at Mary Washington University, trying to impress  a girl and was concentrating on the frisbee and hit the flag pole at full speed. Amazingly I was not hurt, but I left a bigger impression on my forehead than the girl.

At the risk of being a spoiler in the event anyone besides me reads this, I will not touch on any details, but it is a romantic movie that leaves you feeling good.

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