Friday, April 15, 2016

The Intern

First class. This is on my must see again list especially since I saw it on an airplane. Robert De Niro really shines. And it is so real. I just read the Dan Lyons post on Linkedin and the Hubspot reply, this movie could have been about them, (except that Ben Whittaker - Robert De Niro's character has the grace and humility to just shine).

And if I can learn just one thing from the movie, it is to consistently carry a handkerchief. I own the bloody things, used to carry them, but when I got a puppy I started using that pocket for poop pick up bags.

If that is not a compelling enough reason to carry a handkerchief, there is an information warfare battle going on that could impact you, especially if you travel. It is either true or not true that both Dyson Air Blades and Paper Towels spread germs, a lot of germs. The good news is you are probably going to be exposed to germs regardless.

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