Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Live Free or Die Hard - Bruce Willis

We will get to the movie in a minute, but sucks. The have these previews that you cannot chapter forward or fast forward. Making people watch the Simpsons is just not cool. I picked this movie up in the $7.50 bin at Walmart.

The movie starts with a very dramatic start, who knew that pressing the delete key would cause your house to explode. The FBI is really mad about something, I missed exactly what and then we see the softer side of Bruce Willis as a father.

The movie follows the Die Hard formula. His daughter makes it clear she doesn't like him, gets captured, he saves her, now they have a relationship. As always the bad guy is very bad, played by Tim Olyphant.  Justin Long is cast as the young hacker that ends up sharing his fate with Bruce Willis.

Fakest part of the movie in my view was the fight between Maggie Q and Bruce Willis, I am guessing she weighs 110 pounds. I don't care how much Kung Fu you have studied, a cop with 30 years experience would know a bit about fighting.

I am keeping this movie in my collection, I suspect I will watch it again.

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