Monday, May 26, 2014

Flirting with Forty

Sunday was a big day and Kathy and I decided to watch a movie and somehow we selected Flirting. There are many things they play on my heart with the movie.

One is simply the concept of aging. Jackie, (Heather Locklear), is divorced, (not her choice), and approaching her 40th birthday and in a rut. She has a Stella got her groove back type experience in Hawaii.

A second theme of the movie is the idea of commuting to Hawaii. I think that will be my fate for the next few months. We stayed away for a year, but we have a house there, friends and co-workers there and I have no doubt that 7 hours flight from SEATAC to LIH is in my future; in fact, we already have tickets for June 3.

A third theme is the interaction with Jackie and her kids. I think that is done well. This is not surprising considering this is a made for TV movie by Lifetime and they do the family interaction thing well. In similar fashion, it is fun to see how Jackie's peer group tries to manipulate her life.

It was a surprise to see that Locklear can act. I thought Kristine, (Vanessa Williams), was well done. It was uplifting to me to see a Caucasian and an African American portrayed as best friends; even though this is 2014, there is still too much of a racial divide in this country. One slight complaint, I thought Robert Buckley played his role well, but did they have to choose Kyle Hamilton as his last name? Hawaiians and surfers in general are going to find that a bit opportunistic.

Parents, you are strongly cautioned, the movie describes sex outside of marriage. There are no graphic scenes that I noticed, but the concept is there and in the spotlight.

The bottom line, when you watch a movie you are investing time. This is borderline waste of time/OK movie, I guess B grade describes it well. In our case Sunday was a bit intense and we were trying to wind down so it worked. Nothing about the movie tends to spin you up.

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